TMU Research Center for Urology and Kidney


For a long time, although urology and nephrology belong to the fields of surgery and internal medicine, the organ diseases and research scopes of the two departments are overlapped actually.

Cross fields value has been gradually emphasized in the  modern medicine. Besides, the development of urology and nephrology departments of the three affiliated hospitals have matured gradually. If we can integrate human expertise and resources of the three hospitals, it will be able to create an effect of one plus one being greater than two and open up new research fields, improve research quality, and create medical special area.

With the standardization and establishment of school-level research center, it is expected that this center will match with the Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological and Kidney  Institute in United States and will become one of the global top academic centers.

Cooperate with the school’s outstanding research and development, improve the research capacity, integrate the original two fields of urology and nephrology, and combine with nursing, public health, pharmacy, nutrition, medical information management and medical engineering to expand urinary endoscopic stone manipulation, Renal and urinary tract cancer research, new advanced urology surgery, kidney transplantation, acute kidney disease, chronic kidney disease and severe nephropathy to set up the main inter academic research teams, therefore the Urology and Nephrology Research Center of Taipei Medical University is established.